My B2G .Userconfig

Posted at September 23, 2013

Here's is my current .userconfig file for bulding B2G. This really only works when you use my way of laying out code. I have a clone of B2G for each device. So for the Alcatel One Touch (hamachi) device, I have B2G cloned in /opt/B2G-Hamachi.

I also have all of the device filesystem backups in /opt/Backups, one directory for each device. So that backup for the hamachi is in /opt/Backups/Hamachi. This .userconfig will automatically set the ANDROIDFS_ROOT environment variable to the correct backup directory. It also handles setting the gecko object directory path based on the build options and the name of the gecko repo. And it also sets up distcc based on the value of the USE_DISTCC environment variable.

I should point out that the GECKO environment variable can be used to build a different gecko repo. For instance, if I've got B2G cloned in /opt/B2G-Hamachi and b2g-incoming cloned in /opt/b2g-incoming, you can use the GECKO environment variable to point at the other gecko repo (e.g. GECKO=../b2g-incoming ./